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The embodied experience of meaning for women with chronic pain, by Julia Martin

Location: Virtual (link below)

Department: Master of Science in Nursing

Thesis Supervisor: Derrick Klaassen, PhD (CPSY)

Second Reader: Janelle Kwee, PsyD (CPSY)

External Examiner: Diane LaChapelle, PhD, LPsych (University of New Brunswick)

Exam Chair: Angela Wolff, PhD, RN (MSN)

Abstract: Chronic pain is a leading cause of disability worldwide and incurs exorbitant costs for healthcare systems annually, yet research is limited on the lived experience of people with chronic pain. Women experience a higher prevalence of chronic pain, but there is much left unknown about the specifics of this experience. This research was developed to explore the embodied experience of meaning for women with chronic pain. The study was guided by the experiences of ten women living with chronic pain and the feminist and relationship-centered methodology of the Listening Guide was used to uncover their unique voices in harmony and dissonance. Data analysis pointed to two groups of voices: voices of suffering (i.e., the voices of oppression, unknown, loss, self-criticism, disconnection from others, and disconnection from self), and voices of strength (i.e., the voices of endurance, growth, tenacity, connection to others, connection to self, and “the more”). Overall, the women in this research are closely connected to their experience of meaning in life and are in a constant process of navigating what makes life worthwhile to them even while chronic pain is present. The voices spoke to acceptance of the presence of pain and an intentional seeking of what is good in life and good in the body. These connections better enabled the women to relate with others with a new level of vulnerability which then also made space for more meaningful contributions in relationships and community.

Event contact: Alethea Cook, Office of Research & Graduate Studies

AUDIENCE: Please arrive early, as this event is locked once it begins.