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Group Structuring in Elementary School Mathematics: Peer-Based or Academic-Based, by Rachel Poon

Location: Virtual (link below)

Department: Master of Arts in Educational Studies - Special Education

Thesis Supervisor: Lara Ragpot, DEd (MAES-SPED)

Second Reader: Yu-Ling Lee, PhD (MAES-SPED)

External Examiner: Kakoma Luneta, PhD (University of Johannesburg)

Exam Chair: Deepak Mathew, PhD, CCC (CPSY)

Abstract: It is evident from research during the last view decades that when students are provided with the opportunity to work with others, their capacity to further their achievement is enhanced within the social learning community (Vygotsky, 1978). This social dimension of learning is externalized in the classroom in group activities, where teachers will place students in different group arrangements, from partner work, to larger group projects, or for meeting specific needs like differentiated activities. Choice of group work set-ups and participants are often done in an ad-hoc manner without careful consideration for effective strategies to enhance specific learning targets.

Event contact: Alethea Cook, Office of Research & Graduate Studies

AUDIENCE: Please arrive early, as this event is locked once it begins.