THESIS DEFENCE Haya Fadda, “Language Variation in Amman”

Academic Events
Trinity Western University
CanIL Harvest Centre
22500 University Dr
Langley, BC V2Y1Y1

Examining Committee

Supervisor: Sean Allison, PhD (LING)

Co-Supervisor: Hassan Abdeljawad, PhD, SQU

Third Reader: Dave Jeffery, PhD (LING)

Exam Chair: TBD


The present study investigates two forms of language variation in Ammani Arabic: Qaf variation and Arabic-English code-switching. After discussing the formation of the dialect of Amman and identifying the input dialects, I will attempt to answer the following questions: whether a change from the traditional Jordanian [g] to the urban Palestinian [ʔ] is taking place in the city and is on its way to completion in the speech of both genders; what the uses of [q] are and why there is an increase in its use as a variable; what the functions of code-switching in the speech of millennials in Amman are and each of its frequencies based on gender.