Thesis Defence: "A Study in the Textual History of the Greek Psalter”

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Master of Biblical Studies Thesis Defence: "The Relation of Ra 2110, or P. Bodmer XXIV, to Origen's Hexapla: A Study in the Textual History of the Greek Psalter”

By: Brian P. Baucom
Supervisor: Dr. Dirk Buchner
Second Reader: Dr. Robert Hiebert
Exam Chair: Dr. Tony Cummins


This thesis presents the results of a detailed comparative analysis of the earliest known Greek text of Rahlfs's so-called Upper Egyptian text group (Rahlfs 2110) and the Gallican Psalter, the most extensive (and arguably best) witness to Origen's Hexaplaric recension, as well as other Hexaplaric witnesses as presented in Field's, Origenis hexaplorum quae supersunt. This paper goes beyond the initial study conducted by Albert Pietersma in which he analyzed asterisked and obelized readings of the Gallican Psalter in comparison to Ra 2110 ("Origen's Corrections and the Text of P. Bodmer XXIV" [1993]). The results of my research reveal that Ra 2110 contains a number of Hebraizing readings that agree with the Gallican Psalter. Some of the shared readings may be merely coincidence, others may be based on a shared connection to other witnesses thus eliminating the connection between Ra 2110 and Origen’s Hexapla of the Psalms, as is witnessed by the Gallican Psalter; however, others seem to indicate a closer relationship between Origen's Hexapla and Ra 2110. This thesis offers its results to contribute to the ongoing effort to disentangle the Old Greek translation of the Psalter and the revisional readings that later crept into the Greek biblical text.