THTR 348
World Drama

"World Drama is a survey course of the dramatic literature of the past 2500 years, from classic nationalist drama to the global contemporary drama of the twenty-first century. Students will explore social and global issues such as war, class struggle, gender inequality, dysfunctional family life, and more, from past times and today, in the context of the drama of different world cultures."ť World Drama is a course of reading, discussion, and audience response to live performances of global drama from differing cultures and times (in English translation). The course will entail both the reading of major plays and attendance of live performances of world dramatic masterpieces that are available at theatres in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. Though designed for Theatre and English students, the course is of great value to any student who wishes a broader knowledge of world culture through its varied theatrical expressions. Play choices are made to avoid overlap with other dramatic literature currently taught in both the Theatre and English departments, where advisable.

Attendance at theatre performances is required. Not offered every year See department chair
ENGL 348.
9 sem. hrs. of English and third or fourth year standing; or 6 sem. hrs. of English and 3 sem. hrs. of theatre and third or fourth year standing; or instructor's consent.