Traditional Versus Nontraditional Teaching: Perspectives of Students in Introductory Statistics Classes: A Follow Up

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Trinity Western University
Room 121, Robert N Thompson Building
Langley, BC V2Y 1Y1

Statistics Seminar, “Traditional Versus Nontraditional Teaching: Perspectives of Students in Introductory Statistics Classes: A Follow Up”


Extensive research comparing teaching methods has been performed, however little attention has been given to students' preferred teaching style. Johnson and Dasgupta (2005) considered the student perspective using survey responses from their introductory statistics classes from 1998-2003. Considering changes in internet use and online courses over the last 15 years, we surveyed students from the same introductory statistics class to determine what changes may have occurred in predicting their preferences. In this presentation survey results from 2013 are compared with data responses from 1998-2003. Number of years since graduating from high school, the perceived learning style and mathematical skills of the students, and the attitudes of students toward the use of hands-on activities and conversation were found to be significantly related to students' teaching style preferences using logistic regression analysis (with α = 0.10). In comparing characteristics related to the internet, we discovered that while students spend a larger number of hours on the internet each week (p < 0.001), they also report that they would check the internet less frequently for course materials if information were posted on the internet (p < 0.001).


Cameron Sweet is a Mathematics Ph.D. candidate at Washington State University and has enjoyed teaching college mathematics and statistics since 2010. He holds a Master’s in Statistics from Washington State University and a Bachelor’s in Mathematics from Whitworth University. Cameron’s research focuses on improving grade school and university mathematics and statistics curriculum. He was awarded the 2014-2015 Sidney G. and Evelyn Hacker Fellowship for excellence in teaching and is a member of the American Mathematical Society. Cameron Sweet lives in Pullman, Washington where he is a member of Emmanuel Baptist Church, serving as a university student life group leader, prayer team member and finance committee officer.

All are welcome to attend this free event.