Welcome to TWU 

Welcome to life at Trinity Western University! We believe that in choosing TWU, you have chosen one of the premier academic institutions in Canada. We also believe that in choosing TWU you are entering into a community and culture that is rich in heritage and tradition. You are now part of, and a major contributor to, this incredible community.


The Transition Programs Office exists to empower undergraduate students in their practical transition from first year students to graduates of TWU. As you journey through the next few years, we're here to support your holistic development. While change will be a constant reality during your time at university, there are three significant transitions for every TWU student. These pivots are general markers to help you determine your needs and the next steps to take. 

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Entering the TWU Community for the first time.

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Making a strong commitment to your career path and/or vocational calling.

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Preparing to leave the TWU community as a graduate and make a successful transition into the next stage of your life journey.


These are exciting times in your university journey; however, they may also be times when you feel anxious or uncertain.

Our programs are intended to help support you during these times of transition through peer mentorship and ensuring that you are aware of and able to take advantage of the resources we have for you on campus. If you have any questions about the Transition Programs or if you need help navigating your transition, please contact the Transition Programs Office – we would love to hear from you!

For anything related to the Transitions Programs Office, please contact Rob Rhea. Christina Ulasi is temporarily out of office on maternity leave until further notice.