TWU Faith and Science Club and the TWU Department of Geography and Environment Presents, “Adam and the Genome: An Evening with Dennis Venema and Scot McKnight”

Academic Events
South Langley Church
20098 22nd Avenue
Langley, BC

Admission: FREE

Sponsors: Canadian Scientific and Christian Affiliation, TWU Faith & Science Club, the Humanitas Anabaptist-Mennonite Centre, & the House of James Bookstore.

 Many Christians believe that humans are direct, supernatural creations who descend uniquely from a single ancestral couple: Adam and Eve. These strongly-held convictions are now under pressure from genomics evidence that indicates humans evolved and descend from a large population, rather than from a single pair. Is it possible that God used evolution as a means of creation? Or should Christians resist this evidence? Does Paul’s use of Adam indicate that he must be taken as a historical figure?

Featuring Drs. Dennis R. Venema (Biologist) and Scot McKnight (Biblical Scholar), this talk will explore the genomics evidence and consider its implications for evangelical faith and interpretation of Scripture.

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