TWU School of Nursing Presents, “Nursing Networking Café, Dr. Sonya Jakubec, “Pilgrimage, Sanctuary, and the Place of Parks and Nature in Palliative and Grief Care”

Academic Events
Trinity Western University
Graduate Collegium, Fosmark Building
7600 Glover Road
Langley, BC V2Y 1Y1

We all feel it – whether looking outside, in a field, at a beach, or on a mountain – nature gives us perspective about life and death. In her talk "Pilgrimage, sanctuary, and the place of parks and nature in palliative and grief care" Dr. Sonya Jakubec will explain the background and lessons learned from a collection of survey and narrative studies of parks access and experiences for people experiencing palliative care and in grief and loss. Through research discoveries, stories and documentary film, Sonya will highlight accounts of pilgrimage and sanctuary - and the ways parks and nature provide peace and comfort, and teach us to grieve. Working in collaboration across health and parks sectors also pointed the way for important professional practice learning and practical applications.

This talk highlights these lessons learned in cross-sector work, specifically illuminating discoveries for a pilgrimage returning palliative care back to social, public and natural places, and highlighting the place of public mourning for environmental loss.

RSVP: Angie Koslowsky by November 30, 2018