Full-time students should register for 15–16 semester hours. These should include:

Also note:

  • All students are required to enrol in FNDN 101 – The Liberal Arts Journey in their first semester unless they have a minimum 27 semester hours of initial transfer credit.
  • Every student is required to enrol in one Writing or English course in his or her first semester. Select one from one of the following options: (Your Admissions counsellor will confirm your choice.)

ENGLISH 103 - Introduction to Fiction​ – Select this course only if you meet one of the following criteria:

Students entering from high school: 73% (B) in Grade 12 English or equivalent; or a score of 570 or higher on the writing portion of the SAT; or a score of 23 or higher on the English portion of the ACT; or a score of 5 on the essay component of the LPI (Language Proficiency Index).
Transfer students: 67% (C+) in a post-secondary English course from a recognized English-speaking post=secondary institution; or a score of 5 on the essay component of the LPI (Language Proficiency Index); or a completed Bachelor’s degree from a recognized English-speaking post-secondary institution. If transfer students do not have any post-secondary English credit, they will be assessed using the same criteria for students entering from high school.

WRITING 100  - Writing in the University Context – Select this course if you do not meet the requirements for English 103  - Introduction to Fiction above
WRITING 101  - Writing and Culture – Select this course if English is not your first language
ENGLISH 101  - Introduction to Writing – Select this course if English is not your first language and you have scored a 4 or lower on the essay component of the Language Proficiency Index (LPI)

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Department of English

Major in English

Department of Geography and Environment

Major in Environmental Studies (BA)​

Major in Geography

Major in History

Major in International Studies

Note: it is also helpful to take a language course during your first year (Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Russian or Spanish). First year INTS students are advised to prioritize completion of core requirements.

Major in Political Studies

Department of Linguistics

Major in Applied Linguistics

Department of Philosophy

Major in Philosophy

Department of Psychology, Sociology, and Anthropology

Major in Psychology

Major in Sociology

Department of Religious Studies

Major in Biblical Studies

Major in Christianity and Culture

Major in Intercultural Religious Studies

Major in Religious Studies

Department of World Languages and Cultures

Major in World Languages and Cultures

Multidisciplinary Majors

Major in European Studies

Major in General Studies (BA)

Major in Humanities

Major in Social Sciences

Social Science Major with Human Services Certificate

Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences

Department of Biology

Major in Biology

Department of Chemistry

Major in Chemistry

Department of Mathematical Sciences

Major in Computing Science

Major in Mathematics with Computing Science

Major in Mathematics

Biotechnology Program

Major in Biotechnology

Major in Biotechnology and Business Administration (B.Sc.)

Major in Biotechnology and Chemistry (B.Sc.)

Environmental Studies Program

Major in Environmental Studies

Major in General Studies

Major in Natural and Applied Sciences

Pre-Professional Studies (Sciences)




Veterinary Medicine


School of the Arts, Media and Culture

Department of Art

Major in Art and Design

Department of Media and Communication

Major in Media and Communication

Major in Corporate Communication

Game Development Program

 Design and Writing Stream

Game Art Stream

Music and Sound Design Stream

  Software Development Stream

Marketing & Management Stream


Department of Music

Major in Music

Worship Arts Program

The introductory course in the Worship Arts student’s praxis area:

For media emphasis, this is MCOM 111 (Intro to Mass Communication) and/or MCOM 221 (Digital Filmmaking 1)

Department of Theatre

Major in Theatre

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting (BFA)

Multidisciplinary Studies

Major in Arts, Media and Culture

School of Business

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Bachelor of Arts – Business Administration (BA)

Biotechnology and Business Administration (B.Sc.)

Corporate Communications

Sports and Leisure Management (BA)

School of Education

Elementary Education (conc. BA/B.Ed. or B.Sc./B.Ed.)

Middle School Education (conc. BA/B.Ed. or B.Sc./B.Ed.)

Secondary Education (conc. BA/B.Ed. or B.Sc./B.Ed.)

School of Human Kinetics

Major in Human Kinetics (BA)

Athletic Therapy Stream (BHK)

Generalist Stream (BHK)

Kinesiology Stream (BHK)

Physical Education Stream (BHK)

Sport and Leisure Management Stream (BHK)

Multidisciplinary Studies

Sport and Leisure Management Stream (BA)

School of Nursing

Nursing Major

Aviation Studies

Associate of Arts in Aviation

Aviation Program (BA and B.Sc.)

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