Full-time students should register for 15–16 semester hours. These should include:

  • Recommended courses for your program (Undecided? Choose courses from the University Core Requirements.)
  • University Core Requirement Courses
  • Minor or Concentration, if applicable

Also note:

  • All students are required to enrol in FNDN 101 – The Liberal Arts Journey in their first semester unless they have a minimum 27 semester hours of initial transfer credit.
  • Every student is required to enrol in one Writing or English course in his or her first semester. Select one from one of the following options: (Your Admissions counsellor will confirm your choice.)

ENGLISH 103 – Select this course only if you meet one of the following criteria:

Students entering from high school: 73% (B) in Grade 12 English or equivalent; or a score of 570 or higher on the writing portion of the SAT; or a score of 23 or higher on the English portion of the ACT; or a score of 5 on the essay component of the LPI (Language Proficiency Index).
Transfer students: 67% (C+) in a post-secondary English course from a recognized English-speaking post=secondary institution; or a score of 5 on the essay component of the LPI (Language Proficiency Index); or a completed Bachelor’s degree from a recognized English-speaking post-secondary institution. If transfer students do not have any post-secondary English credit, they will be assessed using the same criteria for students entering from high school.

WRITING 100 – Select this course if you do not meet the requirements for English 103 above
WRITING 101 – Select this course if English is not your first language
ENGLISH 101 – Select this course if English is not your first language and you have scored a 4 or lower on the essay component of the Language Proficiency Index (LPI)

Feel free to explore other areas of interest or courses that may enhance your major (e.g. Chinese 101, if you have an interest in International Business.)



If you already have a university credit in computing science, you may be able to take CMPT 166.



Most education students take 32-33 semester hours in their first year. Transfer students must check their course schedule with an education professor when they arrive on campus. Send immediate questions to June Smith at june.smith@twu.ca