Participate in all the opportunities at TWU and get the extra benefit of learning within the UT1 community.


In a cohort, you begin the program at the same time and participate in half of your classes together.  Everyone will know your name.


You will also have freedom to choose two electives each semester. These courses may in your major or something you are interested in. You can begin to make friends with Canadian students in your major and still get the help from your Learning Coach on your assignments.

International Host

Our HOST will help you with the practical part of getting settled, such as welcoming you when you arrive, helping you with your medical insurance and bank account, showing you how to use the bus system, and other needs in your daily life.

Parent Partnerships

If your parents want to come for a visit, we will set up a place for them to stay on campus (one night free), a chance for them to sit in on your classes, meetings with professors and with the TWU President.


Most UT1 students will live on campus, where you participate in dorm life with roommates from North America and many other countries. Your Resident Assistant and Resident Director will support you and help you as well. Our campus residences are separate for men and women for your privacy.