Arts and Knowing

An interdisciplinary arts conference to explore the arts and knowing

October 29-30, 2009

Conference Topic

Are there things that we can know through the arts that cannot be known otherwise? If so, how does such knowledge differ from other sources of knowledge? What does it mean to ‘know’ a piece of art or to gain knowledge from a piece of art? This interdisciplinary conference seeks to investigate questions related to the arts and knowing. Art forms under consideration may include but not be limited to: visual arts, theatre, music, literature, film, sculpture, digital arts, cookery, crafts, design, and architecture.

Questions to investigate may include:

  • Epistemology and art 
    What can we know through the creation and experience of the arts? Does such knowledge differ from other sources of knowledge?
  • Arts as both a research subject and researcher. 
    Are the arts a subject of research, research in itself, or both? What role does interpretation of the arts have? Do works of art participate in dialogue with written research?
  • Artistic practice and the academy 
    Is artistic practice research? What role do artist practitioners have in the academy? How has artistic knowing been limited to specialists?
  • Research into the process of creation and performance 
    Recently more interest has been taken exploring overlooked aspects of artistic production, such as the role of the performer. How has such interest changed what is known about art?