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“Human production encounters  an enormous variety of ways of trying things out, rejecting them, succeeding, or failing. Art begins precisely there, where we are able to do otherwise.” (Hans-Georg Gadamer, The Relevance of the Beautiful and Other Essays, Cambridge University Press, 1986)

“The space between theory and practice becomes a site for making art and doing research and takes creative inquiry beyond discipline boundaries, cultural borders and technological divides.” (Graeme Sullivan, Art Practice as Research: Inquiry in Visual Arts, Sage Publications, 2009)

This conference seeks to explore how material, experiential, transitory, and performative practices constitute research, and the implications of the question for the artist, the academy, and the wider communities in which artists work.

Presentations on such topics as...

  • the kinds of inquiry taking place in the arts
  • artistic inquiry as re/search
  • arts re/search + the re/searcher
  • kinds of knowledge generated through arts research
  • relating arts praxis to epistemic frameworks of other disciplines
  • arts + scholarship: navigating traditional structures ill suited to the assumptions, values, and outcomes of arts practices
  • re/searching community through the arts
  • arts + interdisciplinary re/search
  • other topics related to the theme

Keynote Speakers

  • William Catling
    Chair and Professor, Department of Art and Design
    Director, MFA in Visual Art
    Azusa Pacific University
  • Lynn Fels
    Associate Professor of Arts Education
    Simon Fraser University 

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