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How have both artists and scientists understood the environment as home, and as sacred?

How is environment health inseparable from human flourishing?

Rapid environmental changes, especially as driven by human activity, present critical global issues calling for urgent action. Several prominent voices have recently called for those in the arts to be change agents towards a more responsible and sustainable future. Within such a context this conference seeks to explore some of the opportunities, responses, and responsibilities in the arts, including connections between the arts and science.

We invite presentations on such topics as...

  • How are arts and environmental science methodologies complementary or compatible? How can science-based research and arts-based research strengthen each other? What can we learn from each other?
  • What ethical responsibilities do environmental scientists and artists share?
  • What is the environmental legacy of socially engaged art, relational aesthetics and earthworks?
  • How are artists engaging in environmental activism? Is this art, propaganda or terrorism?
  • How can the arts address alienation and woundedness at the planetary as well as the individual level?
  • other topics related to the theme

Keynote Addresses

  • “Water Reflections: A River Runs Through Me”
    Liz Ingram | 
    Distinguished University Professor
    Department of Art & Design
    University of Alberta
  • “Ontological Loneliness and the Balm of Metaphor” 
    Tim Lilburn | 
    Governor General’s Award winner; Professor
    Department of Creative Writing
    University of Victoria

Woven through the conference and extending through Saturday will be a Sea Change Colloquium: presentations and conversations amongst artists, scholars and scientists concerned with Ocean Change. For more information contact Dr. Erica Grimm:

SAMC is also partnering in a celebration of the Blaauw Eco Forest on Saturday Oct 3. For more information contact Dr. David Clements:

Banner Image: Mausoleum: Red List Lament, detail | by Doris Auxier