A. H. Alabdullah


The Quest for Identity: The Case of Arab Theatre


Since the early days of Arab theatre, it struggled to find its own identity away from the ready moulds of the Western theatre. Due to the fact that Arab theatre emerged from the womb of Italian opera and French realistic drama of the mid 19th century, it found itself strange in a culture built on the epics of great Arabic poetry. Almost all experiments in Arab theatre, one way or another centered on Arab cultural identity and the quest to find an independent art form that coexist with and help reaching the required goal of an Arab theatre that reflect the aspiration and communicate with the other.


Work: Kuwait University – Faculty of Arts – Dept. of English
Schooling: Phd from University of Manchester (1993), MA from University of Lancaster (1989), BA from University of Kuwait (1985)
Field: Literature – Drama – Comparative Lit.
Main Research Interest: Modern Drama, especially Harold Pinter’s theatre
Status: Married – 2 children
Hobbies: Soccer
Worked also as the main translator for Kuwait Airways for 2 years 1985-1987