Emily Luce


Signs of Our Times : The Protest Poster


The combination of wit, outrage, and the throw-away nature of protest signage provides yet another pause for contemplation of identity and belonging in a troubled world. Made not necessarily by artists or designers, but by those who have a message to convey, placards of protest are the resounding visual outbursts of our time. This presentation looks at the forceful and transitory documents of protest using local and international newspaper coverage as its research base. It explores the temporal aspects of the signs as they move through the streets, are disposed of, and then are (re)published in daily newspapers. It discusses signage conventions that appear around the world and how messages traverse from protest to protest. Ruled by the pressing need to convey messages quickly, inexpensively, and loudly, in protest posters, there exists a curious parallel between political and typographic freedom.

To see another presentation I made, about license plates, go to: www.emilyluce.net and navigate through to the last screen (#10).


EMILY LUCE is an artist and a graphic designer living and working in Port Alberni, BC. Her research addresses design in everyday life, her art looks at consumption and mass production, and she is currently taking her design practice completely green.