Erica Grimm-Vance, David Squires, Jeff Warren, Stephen Stasson


Embodiment and Liminality: A Visual, Sonic, Time and Community Based Exhibition


This installation art exhibition is the result of a collaborative inquiry between two musicians, a visual artist and dancer/video artist into the themes of embodiment and liminality. The exhibition includes a video projection on scrim, soundscape triggered by viewer interaction via MAX and Teleo software, and 2D encaustic and steel paintings based on PET scans.

This investigation into the phenomena of knowing through the body locates theories of liminality within the wider conversation of embodiment. While predominantly an event of the interior, the liminal experience is often discussed and described with the language of the exterior: the person is in limbo, suspended, or between two places. The exterior provides the main metaphors for the interior. Similarly, and necessarily, PET scans look past the exterior to see the happenings of the interior. The exterior informs the result as the PET scan presents interior energies in the shape of the exterior. But what of a reversal: what results when we look through the interior toward the exterior? What does the exterior look like as it is shaped by the interior? This project will take both a theoretical/critical approach and a creative approach imaging the sequence of stages of liminal experiences identified by anthropologists Arnold Van Gennep and Victor Turner, inviting viewer participation and evoking memory of such experiences in the viewer.