Gokce Kasikci




Once one leaves their home country for a long period of time for a reason other than vacation, they start experiencing mis/displacement. It is a combination of striving for a sense of belonging and trying to adapt to a new environment. Communication is an important part of this new life. Not only the nomad may be dealing with a language that they are not proficient in, but also the manner that the communication takes place require an extra effort on the nomads’ part.
Information is always important, but for the nomad, the information determines their livelihood. There are two very important aspects to the nomads’ livelihood in the host country; legal and practical. First of all there are the endless ordeals of paperwork and bureaucracy, so the nomads have to make sure that they are on top of all the new rules and regulations, which may change very often. Secondly the practical aspects; the nomad have to spend whatever energy they have left from dealing with paperwork into finding a place to live, a job, a social circle, a sense of belonging that they can muster. In both aspects, information is crucial.
I have been interested in how the communication takes place, how the information is being conveyed from one party to the other. Sometimes, one of the parties conveys the necessary information in such a way that the recipients feel that they might just as well give up trying to understand and submit to questionable bureaucratic rules instead of engaging in endless processes. To investigate the matter in my art work, I invented a Pseudo-English language that mimics English. When the recordings are played there is a strong sense that it is English and that the audience can understand it if they listened harder. Nevertheless that never happens because the information is not meant to be understood. I have been using Pseudo-English recordings in my installations and performances intensively. In a recent work of mine, I wanted to combine the confusing quality of the invented language with actual movement; and I made my recordings somewhat mobile throughmechanics and electronics.


Gokce Kasikci has worked in video, photography and digital media. Her recent interest has been installations in which she uses PLC controlled moving objects, manipulates spatial perceptions through light and sound. Her work deals with alienation, communication and language. Gokce Kasikci is about to receive her MFA in multimedia from SDSU. Her graduate work includes the invention of a pseudo-English language and use of different technologies in her art. She has had two one person shows and several multi-artist shows in San Diego, California and Turkey.