Kim Díaz


Everyday experience, Art and Identity
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The following essay considers the relationship between art, identity and everyday experience. I believe that one of the functions of art is to reflect the everyday experience of the people who create it, and in turn art reflects back to its creators who they are, what they are feeling, thinking, living, in other words their everyday experiences. Through the symbiotic relationship between the aesthetic object and its creator we can glimpse the identity of the individual artist and the identity of the community. I will draw primarily from John Dewey's philosophy on aesthetics to argue that art is a double-barreled word insofar as the identity of an individual or a community is created and perpetuated simultaneously by its art, which is a reflection of their everyday experience. This interpretation allows us to conceive of art not merely as an aesthetic object that is pleasing to the senses, but as a means to understand our own experiences and those of others.


Kim Diaz is a Ph.D. candidate in Philosophy at Texas A&M University. Her academic background is in Classic American Pragmatism and Latin American philosophy. Her work unites philosophical issues common to the Americas and Europe. Her goal is to promote dialogue between Latin American, U.S. and European philosophies on the world view of the human condition. In so doing, her goal is to enhance and promote international understanding, cooperation and advancement.