Panel moderated by: Loranne Brown


Habits of belonging


Wearing the habit: Stillness and silence in the cloisters. Multimedia (film). Teresa Walters 
 In an age of anxiety, some may seek shelter away from the world. Communications major Teresa Walters is privileged to go behind the walls of the cloistered religious order at the convent of the Poor Clares, in Mission, BC. Having taken ultimate vows of poverty, the Poor Clares rely solely on the largesse of the public for their daily bread, an experience that would cause most of us dire anxiety. While visiting the convent, Theresa will film a documentary, in which silence will be one of the colours in her palette. Teresa will share the short film and her observations of the experience.
Breaking habits: Stills in the world. Multimedia (photography). Seth Oglesby
In an age of anxiety, some seek comfort by coming to know the world. Communications major Seth Oglesby is undertaking a project for a gallery showing through his photography class. In this digital presentation (mounted photos may also be available), Seth will explore the visual world through provocative images. He will share his photos and observations on collecting them.
Designing habits: Vignette Magazine, where words collide. Multimedia (graphic design). Tyson Gibbons
In an age of visual over stimulation and information overload, is there room for one more literary magazine? Vignette Magazine is a literary journal emerging from an upper level editing course, offered by TWU’s Communications Department, taught by Loranne Brown. The dream is that Vignette will eventually incorporate the creative strengths of the TWU English, Communications and Art departments. Submissions from these departments would be chosen on merit for publication.
Graphic designer and Communciations major Tyson Gibbons, sees Vignette as a vivid integration of fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry, art and photography. The journal would become a professional showcase for the talents that lie within the school. It would also create a worthwhile project to motivate student writers, artists and photographers. Such a journal would encourage and promote TWU's vision of excellence both within and without the university through a high profile, purely creative student media outlet, for which funding would be sought through the TWU Students' Association. Tyson will premiere a multi-media version of Vignette magazine, edited by students, and will share his thoughts on magazine design.
Habits of thought: Belonging in a cross-cultural world. (Literary Journalism.) Ibukun Olowu.
Nigerian born Ibukun Olowu will share her thoughts on “Belonging”. Having experienced life in several different cultural milieus, Ibukun is uncertain where she belongs or how one defines “home”. She will read a memoir of her experiences.
Habits of identity: Hiding from Twinhood (Literary Journalism) Natasha Wiebe.
As a twin, Natasha Wiebe has wondered: how do you forge an independent sense of self when you see your twin’s most despised expressions in the mirror every day? Where can you be alone? How can you hide? Natasha will read a personal essay on “Hidden Places.”
Fictions of belonging: Finding self in a fictional construct. (Literary Journalism). Loranne Brown
Moderator Loranne Brown will share the outcomes of her recent research trip to Cornwall, England. There, she sought “homes” for fictional characters. She will share her thoughts on seeking ancestral murmurings for her current novel-in-progress.


Loranne Brown: Novelist and journalist Loranne Brown joined TWU’s Faculty of Professional Studies and Performing Arts in 2001, where she teaches non-fiction writing. Her first novel, The Handless Maiden (Doubleday Canada 1998), was a finalist for the 1999 Chapters/Books in Canada First Novel Award and 1999 BC Book Awards, and long-listed for the 2000 International Dublin IMPAC Award. A past president of the Federation of BC Writers, Loranne is passionately committed to mentoring young writers. She is currently in the final stages of labour on a new novel (working title: Blind Judgment) and hopes to deliver it safely into the world soon.

Tyson Gibbons: Filmmaker and musician Tyson Gibbons saw his passions extend to design while pursuing a degree in Communications (media stream) at Trinity Western University. In 2003, Tyson started the design and film company Broekn Design INC. and is now handling the merchandising and imaging of several bands across British Columbia and Western Washington. Tyson loves anything creative and plans to expand Broekn Design as a functional clothing line, finish recording his first full length solo album, and eventually graduate.

Seth Oglesby: 21-year-old Seattle native Seth Oglesby discovered a love for reading and writing in high school, a love that developed into a passion for newspaper and magazine writing. He is currently pursuing a degree in Communications (professional writing stream) at Trinity Western University ( Langley, B.C.). Seth also enjoys photography (photojournalism, fine-art, and the hybrid of both), playing the drums in his alternative rock group Heliocentric, and dreaming about living in France.

Ibukun Olowu: Ibukun Olowu is a fourth-year Communications major at Trinity Western University. She hopes to pursue a Master of Arts in International Development after graduation. Ibukun’s interest in writing started early, while she was still living in Nigeria where she was born and raised. In grade school, Ibukun started an impromptu writing club where she was the main editor, of course. Although her early writings were all fiction, she has now progressed into other genres including creative non-fiction (which she finds therapeutic). Her love of writing is surpassed only by her love of reading. Ibukun claims that she will read anything with print, except maybe science fiction or fantasy. She has recently discovered Puritan writings and spends most of her reading time poring over their works. She is currently reading (and loving!) John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress.

Teresa Walters: Teresa is in her fourth year at Trinity Western University and will be graduating with a B.A. in Communications: Media stream. During her time at Trinity she has tried to cover all her bases while working on the Mars Hill as a columnist, leading a youth ministries group and taking an active role with many on-campus activities. She writes for an on-line magazine and hopes to continue working within the writing field when she leaves Trinity. She also has a job lined up working as a production assistant on a feature length animated film being done in Vancouver starting this summer.
In her spare time, Teresa enjoys writing especially poetry, attending many different musical concerts, and creating collage art, which she has actually been able to sell. She also likes to travel and spent the summer working and living in England. While there, she was able to visit 14 countries in four months and believes that with this experience she gathered enough material for a lifetime. Teresa sees art as a poignant form of spiritual influence within society. She believes that our culture is starving for illuminated literature and film. She hopes to be part of this movement as religion and art converge.

Natasha Wiebe: The daughter of missionaries, Natasha was born and raised in Germany's Black Forest. She grew up in a multi-cultural community, attending an international school for missionary kids that represented close to 50 different countries. She and her twin sister, Jessica, began writing their own stories as soon they knew how. She wrote her first full-fledged short story, "The Wilderness Kids", in grade five.
Works such as Dodie Smith's I Capture the Castle and Daphne DuMaurier's Rebecca influenced Natasha's writing style in high school, where she enjoyed her English Literature and Creative Writing classes and contributed both short stories and poetry to the "Sono Libero" – the creative writing journal she helped produce.
Natasha began working on a novel in 2002. Her current favourite writing genre is creative non-fiction, where she is revels in the freedom to explore new structures and tones. In 2003 she came to Trinity Western University, where she is working toward a degree in Business with a Communications Writing minor.