Edgar Rodriguez Sanchez


The Counselor as an Artist


What ways has art made an impact on ethical and societal issues? Do Arts and Artists have responsibility on world current social issues? For answering these questions, an overview from the perspective of Psychology and Counseling is presented in this essay, which focuses on how artists already do a fruitful social labor by spreading their masterpieces as reflects of current reality of people of the world, and how Psychologists and Counselors use different techniques based on arts to help clients in the process of change.
It is explained specifically how theatre used in a therapeutic way can be beneficial for trauma therapy, treatment of depression, vocational guidance, labor or group counseling for instance. In addition, it is summarized a brief review of some theatre plays which have represented not only a worthwhile work of art for the artists but also a deep social labor in multiculturalism for Psychologists and Counselors.
Finally, a general view of the direction in which Artists and Counselors could work together in the near future for attending social issues such as discrimination, family conflicts, abuse of substances, social integration of people with disabilities and aggression against vulnerable groups.


Born in Mexico City in 1981. Bachelor in Psychology at the Universidad Intercontinental. He has worked in Organizational Psychology, specifically in Human Resources in the area of Recruitment and Selection at a Government Agency.
Nowadays, while studying a Master in Counseling at the Universidad Iberoamericana, he works in the area of Mental Health in private consulting attending Children, Teenagers and Adults, Individually, in Couples and Groups or Families.
Human Rights have been an irrepressible subject in his work. Gender discrimination, inequality, sexual diversity and multiculturalism issues are some examples of his interests. He has won two National Prizes for his work in these topics and has participated in congresses and symposiums in Mexico and abroad.
Combining two of his big passions; he founded a Theatre and Dance Company in 2000 and have leaded it for 6 years. The plays presented focus not only in entertaining the audience, but also in generating reflection through the themes the company aboard, such as Human Rights and Universal Values.
He plans to specialize in counseling with an artistic approach in the near future.