Doris Hutton Auxier


Birdscapes at The Fort Gallery


Using the Fort Gallery as a location and its mission of community involvement as a jumping off place, Auxier, a painter, Jeff Warren, a musician, and Claire Goodfellow, a mask-maker are collaborating on a show called BIRDSCAPES. Artist using bird as metaphor is compelling for several reasons, one being the unknowable state that birds occupy. After all is studied and recorded about birds, there is a large margin that remains outside of human experience. Imagination only gives an illusion of occupancy; a using of birds as surrogate to explore what is human. Over several months the three artists, starting from differing conceptual bases will merge their work into one show. The Fort Gallery, where Auxier has been involved since it’s beginning is an alternative venue for artist involvement in the community. Because it is not a commercial gallery needing to sell work, it is free to embody interface between community life and artistic exploration at multiple levels along artistic careers. In the collective emerging and newer artists work beside and dialogue with more established artists, the result is a supportive environment with an emphasis on creative experimentation and support.


Doris Hutton Auxier is Chair of the Art Department, and Assistant Professor of art at Trinity Western University. Her paintings and drawings are represented in more than 30 public and private collections. Auxier’s work deals with the dignity and banality found in everyday objects. One critic has said of her work, “Auxier unravels the surfaces of the material world to take the viewer into the energy and the life beyond the natural.” Her work was selected for The Next Generation: Contemporary Expressions of Faith at the Museum of Biblical Art in New York, and included in a book based on this exhibit. Recently, her art was chosen for the show Highly Favored: Contemporary Images of the Virgin Mary at Gordon College in Massachusetts. Education: M.F.A., Vermont College of Norwich University, Mt. Pelier, Vermont. M.A. (Gifted Education), University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona.