All sessions take place in the Music Building.

Thursday, October 1

8:30–9:00 Registration

9:00–10:50 Session 1

Setting the Stage | Room 210 Abstracts + Bios

  • Erica L. Grimm | Salt Water Skin Boats: Attentiveness and Art in the Anthropocene
  • Edith Krause | Disposable
  • Sam Pimentel | What’s in Store: The Challenge of Sea-Level Rise

10:50–11:10 Break

11:10–12:15 Keynote Address | Room 210 Abstracts + Bios

  • Peter von Tiesenhausen | In-Tending a Future

12:15–1:10 Lunch

1:10–2:15 Session 2

Literary Journalism | Room 210 Abstracts + Bios

  • Loranne Brown | By any other Name: Literary Journalism Meets the Anthropocene
  • Scott Jacobsen | Idealist Journalist as Realist Artist: Responsibility in Collection, Collation, and Reportage on Environmental Issues

New Voices: Undergraduate Session | Room 201 Abstracts + Bios 

  • Ariana Hurt | The Music of the Spheres Trees: How Nature Inspires Music
  • Aveline Bouwman | An Aesthetic of Indulgence: Environmental Illness and Politics of Consumption in Infinite Jest

2:15–2:30 Break

2:30–4:50 Session 3

Place(s) | Room 210 Abstracts + Bios 

  • Brandon Craft | Moonlight in the Pines: How Developing a Phenomenology of Forested Places Convinced a Forest Ecologist of the Need for Art in order to Communicate the Beauty of a Fire-Dependent Ecosystem
  • Thom Jencks | John Luther Adams and the Ecological Change in Listening
  • Alexandra Harper | The Artist’s Gift of Wild Hope in a Homeless Culture
  • Pamela MacKenzie | Bioart, Decay and the Lost Icons of Industry

Friday, October 2

9:00–10:50 Session 4

The Body Poetic | Norma Marion Alloway Library Garden* Abstracts + Bios
*weather permitting - session will be held in Room 210 in case of rain

  • Daniela Elza and Su-Lin Tseng | Stepping in Tune with our Bodies of Water: A Poetry-Dance Collaboration
  • Lynn Fels, Viki Kelly, Kathryn Ricketts, Celeste Snowber | Interrupted Vulnerabilities: An Ecotracing of Embodied Poetics and Place

10:50–11:10 Break

11:10–12:15 Keynote AddressRoom 210 Abstracts + Bios

  • Tim Lilburn | Ontological Loneliness and the Balm of Metaphor

12:15–1:10 Lunch

1:10–2:25 Session 5

Deep Conversations | Room 210 Abstracts + Bios

  • Nicolas Noble | Precursory Aesthetics to the Deep Ecology Movement
  • Sharon Fish Mooney | A Strain of the Earth’s Sweet Being: Gerard Manley Hopkins and Vincent van Gogh in Conversation

Education for Sustainability | Room 201 Abstracts + Bios 

  • Sarah Kay Frydenlund | Growing Socially Responsible Artists through Sustainable Creative Practices
  • Zuzana Vasko | Aesthetic Education Informing our Relations with Nature

2:25–2:45 Break

2:45–4:30 Session 6

Art Practices | Room 210 Abstracts + Bios

  • Doris Auxier | A Gentle Noticing: Nature Informing a Rhythm of Life
  • Mary Abma | Art-Science Collaborations in Contemporary Art Practice – An Artist's Perspective
  • Helma Sawatzky | Data Mulch: A Phenomenology of Slow Photography

Lyric Thinking | Room 201  Abstracts + Bios

  • Kirsten Alm | “To Rebuild What We Destroy”: Mourning in the Poetry of Robert Bringhurst
  • Carl Tracie | Poetry and Environmental Concern
  • Katharine Bubel | Sea Rhythm, Resonance and Relinquishment in Jan Zwicky’s “Envoy: Seven Variations”

Saturday, October 3

Offered in conjunction with the Verge Conference Oct 1-2.

Sea Change Colloquium

  • 9am - 5pm // Instrumental Hall, Music Building.  Full schedule
  • Free and open to the public, but you must register
  • More info

Blaauw Eco Forest Celebration

  • 11:00am - 12:30pm // Music Building Room 201
    Two years of discoveries in the Blaauw Eco Forest. Presentations by Dr. David Clements and Chris Hall.
  • 1:00-2:30pm | Forest at 257A Street off 84 Ave in Langley
    Blaauw Eco Forest Celebration
    Program: Han Shan poetry exhibit and poetry readings coordinated by Susan McCaslin, followed by a forest dance choreographed by Eleanor Felton.
  • Registration is free, with the option to purchase a catered bag lunch in the forest.  Lunch must be pre-purchased.
  • More info