Saturday, October 3

9:00-9:15  Welcome

9:15-10:45  Session 1: Changing Waters

  • Moderator: Roy Mulder (CMEPS)
  • Chris Harley - Grasping the Impacts of Climate Change in Marine Ecosystems
  • Rita Wong - Downstream: A Poetics of Water
  • Liz Ingram - Response

10:45-11:00  Break

11:00-12:30  Session 2: Changing Biodiversity I - Wide Angle

  • Moderator: Leah Kostamo (A Rocha)
  • Mary O'Connor - Dynamic Biodiversity and Climate: a Global Perspective
  • Lyndal Osborne - Metaphors for Science
  • Tim Lilburn - Response

12:30-2:30  Lunch - Blaauw Eco Forest Celebration

  • Picnic in the woods
  • 257A Street off 84 Ave in Langley. View map (easiest access entrance at the big commemorative granite stone dedicated by Mrs. Ann Blaauw, halfway on the right down 257A St)

3:00-4:30  Session 3: Changing Biodiversity II - Zooming In

  • Moderator: Brandon Gabriel - Setting the Stage
  • Al Lewis - Copepods and the Potential Impact of Climate Change on Marine Food Chains
  • Barbara Zeigler - Perception and Deception: The Salmon Project
  • Eddie Gardner - Protecting the Wild Salmon

4:30-4:45  Break

4:45-6:00  Casting a Vision: Roundtable + Call to Respond

  • Ecoart expert, listener/witness, Beth Caruthers shapes the conversation towards next steps

"I wonder if the question ['where are you from?'] could . . . be voiced with an 'ecological' inflection, asking about connections--about all the forms of life we depend on, and that depend on us. If so, 'where are you from?' might be spoken as an invitation and a beginning of friendship." Laurie Ricou, Arbutus/Madrona Files