Emily Carr: Painter/Writer of the Spirit
Ron Dart

Emily Carr is one of the best known BC and Canadian painters and writers. Carr blended, in an exquisite and subtle manner, the deeper spiritual realities in her layered paintings and evocative novels. In fact, rare is the Canadian artist of such depth and breadth.

Carr was featured in the most recent Mystical Landscapes: From Vincent Gogh to Emily Carr exhibit at the Art Gallery of Ontario and Musee D’Orsay and Musee de l’Orangerie in France (and the hard cover book of the same name).

This presentation will thread together the ways and means that Emily Carr brought together spirituality and arts in her paintings and novels. The fact the 2017 TWU Verge Conference is being held on the West Coast and Emily Carr is one of the finest West Coast artistic icons means a presentation on her life and writings is apt and appropriate.


Ron Dart has taught in the Department of Political Science/Philosophy/Religious Studies at University of the Fraser Valley (Abbotsford BC) since 1990—he was on staff with Amnesty International in the 1980s. Ron has published 35 books/booklets and many articles in the areas of spirituality, religion, arts, culture, politics and mountaineering. The fact he has lived on the West Coast for many a decade has meant the culture of the West Coast has had an abiding interest for him. Emily Carr is one of the artistic icons of the West Coast and her threading together of spirituality and the arts has done much to shape the ethos of the West Coast. Ron has been to many of the places Carr has painted and written about, hence his interest in her life and work.