Who Can Access Counselling Services?

Counselling services are available to all Trinity Western students, staff, faculty, and alumni. Students are our first priority.

What do I do if I Want Counselling?

If you decide you would like to access our counselling services, the first step is to fill out an online intake form. Once the counselling centre receives this form you will be contacted, usually within a few days, to schedule an appointment with a counsellor.

How Much Does it Cost?

For students, the first 6 sessions cost $25 each for a Registered Clinical Counsellor and $20 for a Graduate student Counselling Intern.  After the 6th session, the cost increases to $35/session ($25 for an intern).   Staff, faculty, and alumni can also access counselling through the Wellness Centre for a $95 fee/session. (Extended Health covers $300 and HR covers 1/2 of remaining visits up to a maximum of $750/year for TWU Staff and Faculty)

Is there a Limit to the Number of Sessions?

There is no absolute limit to the number of sessions of counselling. However, following the ninth session, there will be a review of the case with recommendations made for the continued treatment plan. Our review will be based on a careful assessment of current needs to ensure that you are linked to the most appropriate resources.

What if I Have to Cancel an Appointment?

Please call our office at 604-513-2100 to cancel an appointment. There will be no charge to you if you notify our office 24 hours in advance. Missed appointments without notification will be billed $50.00.

Can I get a Note for Extensions on Assignments?

When a student is a current client and their condition is directly contributing to academic difficulties, the counsellor may support them by providing documentation to receive an extension or other form of academic flexibility. TWU counsellors can document only psychological difficulties that have been observed and/or treated by TWU counsellors.