Every forward-thinking organization relies on professionals who have interdisciplinary training, cross-cultural experience, and solid leadership skills.

In our complex world today, various sectors and industries are seeing greater overlap as governments, corporations, and organizations collaborate to meet humanity’s needs. This means that the required skill sets for most professions keep getting broader.

Employers today are looking for professionals who have a comprehensive understanding of human needs, know how to solve problems, and desire to make a real difference.

TWU’s BA in Social Sciences serves as the foundation for a variety of careers in social, human, and health services. It combines scholarly research with practical workplace application to meet your academic and professional goals as a 21st century working adult.

As you study sociology, psychology, and political sciences and finish your degree with a full semester of practicums, you’ll have marketable skills to embark on the career of your dreams or level up an existing one. As a bonus, the BA in Social Sciences also serves as a great bridge to graduate studies. Many graduate schools now require that students have at least two years of experience in the field in addition to their academic work.