Offered: Minor, Concentration


The French Program is designed to help students acquire the essential skills of reading, writing, speaking, and listening comprehension, while at the same time imparting to them a love for French-speaking people. Through the study of language, literature, and civilization, our program attempts to span the globe by exploring the past and present cultures of France, Quebec, other areas of French Canada, and other francophone countries. All levels of language study are offered. During the summer, study trips to France or Quebec are available.


Our French Program consists of two streams.

The French Studies stream is for those who have completed Grade 11 French or FREN 101, 102. While this stream focuses mainly on the development of language skills, all language courses include cultural content. Students may choose to study some literature at the upper level.

Our Language and Literature stream incorporates the study of both language and literature, and is directed towards those who have completed Grade 12 French.

Both of these streams lead to a minor or concentration in French. For those students not planning to complete a minor or concentration, but who take at least five French courses, we offer Letter of Proficiency, which is very useful to include in a job application.