WriteAway is an online writing support service for undergraduate students and is ideal for when you are unable to fit an in-person appointment in your schedule (or simply don’t want to leave your dorm room). Visit the site, upload a draft of your paper, and, then, sit back and relax. Online tutors will provide feedback and resources to help improve the writing between 24-48 hours after submission. You may submit up to 3 drafts of a paper. Accounts are no longer required. 

Note: This service is a collaboration between public and private schools across British Columbia including:  British Columbia Institute of Technology, Camosun College, College of the Rockies, Douglas College, Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Langara College, North Island College, Selkirk College, Simon Fraser University, Thompson Rivers University, Trinity Western University, the University of British Columbia, the University of the Fraser Valley, and Vancouver Community College. Please be aware that feedback will be coming from tutors employed by these other institutions as well as TWU.


WriteAway FAQs

How do I access WriteAway?

Go to https://writeaway.ca/connect .

How do I create an account?

Accounts are no longer required as of January 2019. You will upload directly to the website.

What kind of writing assignments can I submit?

You can submit any kind of writing assignment, as long as it is not for a graduate class, an application, resume, cover letter, a take-home exam, or a group-written assignment. You can submit the same paper (with added revisions) up to three times.

How long can my paper be?

There is no limit for how long your paper can be, but any paper over 8 pages is considered a “long submission” and likely will need to be submitted up to three times for tutors to respond to all elements of the paper.

Can I submit a draft?

Yes, you can! Just be sure to mention it on the submission form so that the tutor knows what you want feedback on and what you are still in the process of writing.

What kind of feedback will I get?

The tutor will embed comments in your paper and identify a few main issues that need work. They will provide you with a detailed explanation of what it is they see needing work, how you can fix it, and often will list some helpful resources for doing so.

Will they edit my grammar?

While the tutor will not edit any grammatical errors in your paper, they can identify recurring grammar mistakes and provide you with resources to fix them.

What if my paper is due in less than 48 hours?

First, check the estimated turnaround time. Times will be posted to the page if it is estimated to be more than 48 hours. Then, if you decide to submit your paper, include the due date in the submission form so that if it takes too long the tutor will know to skip over it.

How long will it take for WriteAway to get my paper back to me?

Typically, it will take 24-48 hours for your paper to receive a response. However, during busy times of the year, such as around midterms or finals, the wait could be longer, so make sure to submit your paper well before it is due!

How will I know when they have finished looking at my paper?

WriteAway will send a notification email.

Can I delete a paper that I have submitted to WriteAway?

No, unfortunately, you cannot.