Each semester, the Writing Coaches participate in 12 hours of training. This is position-specific training that meets the qualifications for CRLA International Tutor Training Program Certification. This means that, after one year of employment, Writing Coaches will receive CRLA ITTPC Level One which is transferable to other universities in British Columbia. CRLA certifies over 1100 programs around the world. Here is an Overview of Training Topics, Outcomes, and Assessments.

Apply to be a Writing Coach

Writing Centre Coaches work with students in writing tutoring sessions on various writing skills at various stages of the writing process, including prewriting drafting, revision, researching, and formatting. The job also involves recordkeeping and administrative tasks. Professional development and participating in training will be required. Consult the Writing Coach Position Description for the complete job description.

 Please email the following for your application:

  • A resume and cover letter (describing your interest in the Writing Centre)
  • A copy of your unofficial transcripts
  • A sample university-level essay (preferably argumentative and research-focused)