In order to celebrate TWU students’ research and writing across the disciplines, the Learning Commons is hosting a writing contest. Papers will be judged according to content, creativity, and effectiveness. Successful entries will receive a prize, and the essays will be published in an online journal accessible on the TWU website. Students from all disciplines and linguistic backgrounds are encouraged to apply!      


  • Students may submit one entry only to one of the following categories:
    • Humanities & Social Sciences & SAMC
    • Sciences & Nursing
    • Business & Education
    • Graduate Studies 
  • Undergraduate submissions must be 1500+ words, and graduate submissions must be 2000+ words (not including abstract or bibliography). If an entry is more than 20 words under the word count, it will be disqualified.
  • Submissions must be papers originally prepared for a class at TWU in the 2019-20 year but can be revised to meet the contest guidelines. 
  • Submissions must be in .doc or .pdf format and submitted to by May 1, 2020. 

Submissions will be screened by Writing Centre staff and nominated to a group of faculty judges to award the prizes. Judges will evaluate each entry based on higher and lower order concerns.

Higher Order Concerns:

  • Thesis is clear and insightful.
  • Argument is developed throughout the paper in an organized way.
  • Paragraphs are guided by a clear topic sentence and well-developed.
  • Writing is engaging and easy for a multidisciplinary audience to understand.
  • Research is used to amplify the argument and is synthesized (when appropriate).

Lower Order Concerns:

  • Transitions between paragraphs and arguments are smooth.
  • Sentence structure and word choice are carefully chosen and diverse.
  • There are few/no errors in citations.
  • Mechanics of writing will be considered in a way that does not disadvantage multilingual writers. 

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