Contractual Statement

I understand and agree that when my registration is accepted by the Office of the Registrar, I have obligated myself to pay for the courses and all other charges related to this semester. I understand that I may be charged interest and late payment fees on any outstanding balance remaining unpaid after the scheduled payment dates.  I understand that all documents pertaining to my registration, including, but not limited to, transcripts, grades, confirmation of registrations, tuition tax receipts, and degree parchments, will not be released if I have any outstanding indebtedness to Trinity Western University.  I understand that if I have any outstanding indebtedness to TWU, I may not be able to write my final exams and I may be assessed failing grades in my classes. I understand that I am responsible for all waitlisted courses for which I am registered. It is my responsibility to either drop the course or add the course to full registration by the end of the add/drop period. I also understand that I will not receive credit for any courses that are still waitlisted at the end of the semester. I understand that if I withdraw from a course between the third and the end of the sixth week of classes I will receive a grade of "W" on my official record and transcript and a prorated tuition refund. I also understand that withdrawing from a course after the sixth week and until the eleventh week of classes is not permitted except under severe extenuating circumstances as assessed by the University Registrar, and will result in a grade of W and that there is no tuition refunded during this period. I understand that TWU policy states that students may take no more than 19 semester hours per semester, including any combination of courses being taken concurrently at other post-secondary institutions, without special permission from a Dean or Director. I will take the responsibility to understand TWU's academic and graduation requirements as they apply to me, and I assume responsibility for the selection of my courses. I understand that the purpose of advisor approval of my course selections is to indicate that a conversation has taken place regarding my course selections, and to enable me to pre-register for my courses. The advisor approval does not imply that the advisor takes responsibility for my course selection. The academic policies outlined in this Contractual Statement are covered in detail in the Academic Calendar.