Off-Campus Housing

Off-campus Options for Students

Student Life has worked with TWUSA, Spartan Athletics, the Alumni Department, and The Parent program to create the following options for students who were not able to secure a space on campus but still need or desire housing in the Langley or surrounding area.  

    Off-Campus Housing website  

    Anyone looking for renters or roommates for any kind of accommodation (room in a house, basement suite, whole house, etc.) can post on this site. The site isn’t limited to TWU students, so you will need to do your own screening.  

    Please Note: The contact information you post on the Off-Campus Student Housing website may be indexed by Google and other search engines. If you are concerned about this, please utilize the 'Alternate Contact' feature to display only the information you wish to be made public. We recommend not using your last name or actual street number. This makes your Ad less desirable for scammers to use since they need an actual physical address to send people to.  Remember, if it is on the Internet, then it is going to be indexed without notice by other search engines. 

    Harmony Homestay 

    Harmony Homestay has a diverse database of homestay families in the local area to be able to provide a variety of options for students when choosing a homestay family. They will work to provide the best possible match for each student and host family.