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Known for its inclusive, inspiring and caring approach to education, preservice teachers are invited into a rich and complex professional conversation with dedicated faculty, school mentors and indigenous elders, becoming very well-prepared to meet the needs of all learners in varied contexts.

The School of Education exists within the ethos of a Christian university of the liberal arts, sciences and professions.  Faculty have advanced degrees in education and are actively involved in the profession.  We are also engaged with the wider educational community through our investment in advancing educational research and educational practice that nurtures wisdom, compassion and care for all, integral ways of understanding and caring for the world, locally and globally, and transformation of learners and communities.   

Dean’s Message

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The School of Education at TWU is the only program in BC that intentionally connects the educational practice of teaching and learning with the holistic richness of Christian spiritual understandings.

In each of our undergraduate and graduate programs we go beyond acquired technical expertise and expected education standards to inspire hearts and minds. Pre-service teachers and scholars are guided to the life-long exploration and development of philosophical and theological understandings of what it means to be human, to be educated, and to live well with others and the created world.

We value teaching as a highly complex and challenging vocation. It is our aim to help all our students develop reflective discernment through wisdom, humility, peace, patience, reverence, gratitude, compassion, hope, courage, faithfulness, attentiveness, and a love of beauty. These ‘virtue pathways’ are our commitment to the teaching profession.

Our program outcomes and virtue pathways can be found here.

Allyson Jule, Ph.D.
TWU Dean of Education



Meet the Faculty

William R. Acton, Ph.D., Director and Professor of MA TESOL

Director, MA TESOL Program
Professor of Applied Linguistics

Jaqueline Buitelaar, M.Ed., Faculty Associate - Elementary Stream

Faculty Associate - Elementary Stream
Professional Year Program Coordinator

Moira C. Fricke, M.A., Sessional Instructor of Education

Sessional Instructor of Education
Special Education Advisor

Juliet A. Hiller, M.Ed.

Part-time Faculty Associate

Kathy Holmes, M.Ed.

Part-time Faculty Associate

Cynthia D. McCarthy, MAEL

Faculty Associate and Professional Year Coordinator, Secondary Stream

Eileen McWilliams, MA

Part-time Instructor of MA TESOL

Kevin Mirchandani, M.Ed.

Part-time Instructor of Education

Gordon Moulden, EdD

Part-time Instructor of MA TESOL

Lisa Olding, M.Ed.

Sessional Assistant Professor of Education

Jill Omichinski, M.Ed

Faculty Associate, Professional Year Program
Part-time Instructor of Education

Nina Pak Lui, M.Ed.

Assistant Professor of Education

Lisa Peterson, M.Ed.

Part-time Instructor of Education
Part-time Faculty Associate

Kenneth Pudlas, Ed.D.

Professor Emeritus of Education

Lara Ragpot, D.Ed

Director, Masters of Educational Studies - Special Education Program
Professor of Education

Andrew Shutsa

Part-time Instructor of Education

Jenn Skelding, M.Ed

Adjunct Professor of Education

Patricia Victor, M.A.L.

University Siya:m
Co-Director, Institute of Indigenous Issues & Perspectives
Indigenous Elder
Part-time Instructor of Education

Alan Wiebe, M.Ed.

Faculty Associate, Professional Year Program

Jim Willms, M.Ed.

Part-time Instructor of Education