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Trinity Western University is known for high quality teaching. Cutting edge teaching relies on high quality research. TWU faculty members are increasingly known for their commitment to disciplinary and interdisciplinary investigations that expand knowledge and understanding. As well-trained academics asking questions from faith-based perspectives, they are positioned to make unique and important contributions to the scholarly conversations that support teaching and advance societal well-being.

Chemistry Professor Chad Friesen partners with businesses to develop new products that enhance the quality of life and foster regional economic development. Septuagint Studies Professor Rob Hiebert collaborates with computer specialist Nat Dykstra to pioneer software that removes much of the tedium from the analysis of ancient biblical manuscripts. Nursing Professor Sheryl Kirkham collaborates with TWU colleagues and multi-university research teams to increase policy-influencing understanding of relationships between spirituality and health care. These are a few of the many TWU faculty members who are passionate about their disciplines and training Canada’s future leaders for the marketplaces of Canada and the world.

These pages bring you selected current research funding needs that will generate maximum impact for TWU research capacity and productivity. If you need more information about these or other opportunities to support TWU research, or about TWU research in general, please contact Dr. Richard Chandra, Associate Provost Research.

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