Why Psychology?

TWU’s Psychology program considers what it means to be human, and emphasizes how an acute understanding of mind and behaviour can be put to work to help our communities.

Why Psychology?

TWU’s Psychology program considers what it means to be human, and emphasizes how an acute understanding of mind and behaviour can be put to work to help our communities.

Every day we make decisions according to how we perceive, think, and feel about the world.

Examining the deeper motivations of human behaviour and understanding how you can impact people’s lives is part of the dynamic field of psychology.

Through systematic observation and research in our Psychology program, you will gain an understanding of human experience. As a student, you will explore all aspects of human behaviour and the thoughts, feelings, and motivations that underlie that behaviour, helping you to better understand people and how you can positively influence them.

Using a Christian worldview as the basis of interpretation, faculty members encourage you to investigate principles derived from research that apply to areas such as work, love, leisure, family, sexuality, value and meaning, spirituality, and relationships. Through a variety of teaching styles, off-campus trips, unique guests, travel studies, and retreat courses, your professors equip you to explore your faith and question your world.


  • A major in Psychology leading to a BA (Honours) degree
  • A major in Psychology leading to a BA degree
  • A concentration
  • A minor
  • A graduate degree (MA in Counseling Psychology)


“My TWU experience was positive and promoted my problem solving and critical-thinking skills. My professors challenged me to push harder and equipped me to engage my current job as a Senior Support Worker. My academic learning provided a basis for me to help others deal with disorders such as physical and mental disabilities.”



PSYC 204 • Social Psychology

This course examines the relationship between the individual and society. Topics include motivation, interpersonal relationships, attitude formation and change, communication, effective group dynamics, and leadership.

PSYC 301 • Theories of Personality

The major theories of personality, both traditional and contemporary, are examined to demonstrate their usefulness in accounting for human behavior.

PSYC 354 • Brain and Behavior

An overview of the relationship between the nervous system and behavior. Topics include human behavior and clinical problems; biological bases of emotion, learning, memory, sexual behavior, and homeostatic motivations; and biochemical theories of schizophrenia, autism, and mood disorders.


Graduates of our Psychology program can enter a wide variety of professional career paths including counselling, human resources, business, health care and psychology (e.g. social, educational, sports). Our program is also excellent preparation for students who wish to continue their studies with a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology which provides students with a unique learning experience that combines scientific psychology with counselling skills. Through this program students will learn how to integrate their spiritual beliefs with their professional practice.


Bachelor of Arts (BA)

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Careers in Psychology
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A degree in psychology helps students put their interpersonal skills into practice. Students will be prepared for various careers such as:

  • Counselling
  • Therapy
  • Psychiatry
  • Marketing
  • Human Resource Management
  • Law Enforcement
  • Brand Management
  • Child protection services
  • Christian ministry
  • Social work

Faculty Profiles

Kelly Arbeau, PhD

Associate Professor of Psychology

Todd W. Dutka, M.A., RCC

Sessional Instructor of Psychology

Harold Faw, Ph.D.

Part-time Instructor of Psychology

Debra-Anne Hanenburg, Master of Counseling

Sessional Instructor of Psychology and Human Services
Assistant Director, Adult Degree Completion Bellingham/Online

Lori Heaslip, M.Ed.

Sessional Assistant Professor of Psychology
Photo of Philip G. Laird - Vice Provost, TWU Extension

Phil Laird, Ph.D.

Vice President of Innovation, Global and Academic Partnerships

Charles M. Macknee, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Psychology
Chair, Department of Psychology, Sociology, and Anthropology

Jaime Palmer-Hague

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Valentina Proietti, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Psychology