Core Values

Trinity Western University is committed to seven core values: 

Obeying the Authority of Scripture: Both individually and corporately, Trinity Western wholeheartedly embraces all the Bible teaches regarding faith, ethical commitments, and way of life, believing it to be the ultimate standard of truth and hope. 

Pursuing Faith-Based and Faith-Affirming Learning: Trinity Western's starting point for learning is that God calls humans to be stewards of his creation, doers of good toward all people, and agents of his reconciliation. 

Having a Transformational Impact on Culture: God calls his followers to influence both individuals and their culture and ultimately draw people to him. Trinity Western's programs encourage thought, word, and deed that affect the dynamics and institutions of our society based on biblical principles such as justice, mercy, and hope. 

Servant Leadership as a Way of Life: Trinity Western strives to teach and to embody the pattern of servant leadership exemplified by Jesus Christ. Professors, administrators, and students seek to motivate and mobilize each other to think and act with creativity, integrity, and skill for the benefit of all concerned. 

Striving for Excellence in University Education: Trinity Western promotes not only academic and intellectual excellence, but the integration of these with high standards of personal, moral, and spiritual integrity. 

Discipling in Community: At Trinity Western, students, staff, faculty, and administrators are all invited and encouraged to deepen their understanding of what it means to be disciples of Jesus Christ, to practice such discipleship, and to sustain and help others to be and become disciples. They strive to act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with our God. 

Practising Christian Hospitality: Trinity Western University students, staff, faculty, and administrators are called to welcome, genuinely include and consistently care for all individuals. Christ taught and modelled hospitality to all, including those on the margins, as an essential element of Christian faith and practice. Hospitality is vital to our life in the Trinity Western University community and to our life in and witness to other communities.