Housing Styles & Cost

Welcome to Trinity Western University's Langley Campus’ Housing Information.

We are thrilled that you are interested in living on campus and being part of the Trinity Western University community. At Trinity Western University we greatly value what living in community can offer the educational experiences of our students. We understand that making the decision to live on campus can be an exciting and sometimes difficult process, but we are here to help you every step of the way. We thank you for taking the time to look through our information and look forward to the possibility of having you join us on campus.

Current Room Rates per Student for 2024-2025

Traditional Dorm Style Room & Board Housing Fall & Spring Per Semester cost
Economy Room
Douglas 2/3, 4/5 & 8/9
Double occupancy in older, slightly smaller room, communal washrooms.
$2050 Per Semester
Standard Room
South Fraser, North Fraser
Double occupancy, communal washroom shared by 14-16 students.
$2310 Per Semester
Premium Room  
Double occupancy in our newest room and board building, suite-style with a bathroom and mini-lounge shared by two adjoining rooms
$2825 Per Semester
Douglas 6/7
Double occupancy, bathroom shared by two adjoining rooms. These rooms are equipped with a mini fridge.
$2670 Per Semester
Premium Room with kitchen  
Jacobson pods
Jacobson is a unique setup that offers undergraduates the ability to live in community while also having access to a kitchen. Jacobson pods are made up of 4-6 students in 2 or 3 double occupancy rooms sharing one pod.
$2260 Per Semester 
(6 people)

$2465 Per Semester
(4 people) 
Structured to provide students with community-style living having access to a kitchen. Bathroom shared by two adjoining double occupancy rooms (4 residents).
$2720 Per Semester
Single Room  
offers Grad students the option to live in their own room. Sharing a suite-style bathroom with one other person.
$3390 Per Semester 
Skidmore pods 
single rooms in 4 bedroom apartment style pod to Undergrad students.
$3390 Per Semester
Douglas North
offers older, slightly smaller single occupancy rooms, communal washrooms to Undergrad students.
$2670 Per Semester

*Rates subject to change.

Apartment Residence

Students must meet ONE of the following requirements to apply for Apartment Residence:

  • 57+ credits
  • 21 -26 years of age
  • Have lived on campus for four semesters (not including summer), can be less than 21.

Provides for independent living in 1- or 2-bedroom apartments.

Building            Description              *Fall & Spring Per Semester         
Fraser 1-Bedroom (2 persons)        
2-Bedroom (4 persons)
 $3080 Per Semester
 $2825 Per Semester 
McMillan 1-Bedroom (2 persons)
2-Bedroom (4 persons)
 $3080 Per Semester
 $2825 Per Semester 

*Rates subject to change.

Note: Furniture included.

A Meal Plan is required for all TWU Housing Styles. View meal plan options/costs.