View the status of your Transfer Credit evaluation online (PDF). If you have any questions, please contact the Office of the Registrar Trinity Western University reserves the right to accept only such courses as comply with the academic standards established by TWU and with the requirements for graduation. Course descriptions/syllabi may be requested to assist with evaluation. Transfer credit is awarded up to a maximum of 75 semester hours for all acceptable courses with a passing grade from various accredited universities and community colleges. Various individual transfer credit maximums and restrictions for accredited Bible Colleges/Institutes of Technology and Applied Arts are detailed in the Transfer Students section of your Academic Calendar.


In order to receive credit for courses taken at other institutions, you must submit a fully completed Letter of Permission form (prior to registering for the course).  Attach each course syllabus unless the course is listed and evaluated in the BC Transfer Guide. Evaluation for transfer credit may take up to two weeks, so plan ahead. A $25.00 service fee is required to process Letter of Permission requests for all institutions outside of BC (per institution and up to 5 courses). Once the requested courses have been evaluated, the TWU Office of the Registrar will send a Letter of Permission to the host institution which will serve as the basis for the student's admission as a Visiting Student there. Note: Application for evaluation does not guarantee Transfer Credit. BC Council on Admissions and Transfer


Please consult directly with your School of Graduate Studies (SGS) program director regarding transfer credit.



Please submit a fully completed ACTS Letter of Permission form to the Office of the Registrar, located in the Mattson Centre. A $5.00 service fee is required upon submission of the Letter of Permission for processing.