View the status of your Transfer Credit evaluation online (PDF). If you have any questions, please contact the Office of the Registrar Trinity Western University reserves the right to accept only such courses as comply with the academic standards established by TWU and with the requirements for graduation. Course descriptions/syllabi may be requested to assist with evaluation. Transfer credit is awarded up to a maximum of 75 semester hours for all acceptable courses with a passing grade from various accredited universities and community colleges. Various individual transfer credit maximums and restrictions for accredited Bible Colleges/Institutes of Technology and Applied Arts are detailed in the Transfer Students section of your Academic Calendar.


What is a Letter of Permission (LOP)?

A Letter of Permission is prior approval for a course to be taken at another institution and receive TWU transfer credit for it upon successful completion.

To be eligible:

  • Student must be registered in a TWU degree program;
  • Student must be in good financial and academic standing with TWU;
  • Course must be from a TWU recognized accredited institution.

Student Responsibilities:

  • Student must submit a LOP form and any relevant material prior to taking the course. Failing to do so may result in not receiving transfer credit as expected or at all.
  • Student must complete the course requested within one year of receiving LOP approval.
  • Student is responsible for checking all required prerequisites both for the course being taken, and the TWU course granted.
  • Student is responsible for researching courses they hope to receive a LOP for and confirming that it meets their TWU program requirements, grade minimums, and limits. It is strongly encouraged that they consult with their Academic Advisor or the Academic Advising Office when making course selections.
  • NOTE: Courses are not always articulated (transfer decision) as requested. It is the student’s responsibility to review any approval granted to make sure that it is still applicable to their program requirements. If it is not, another LOP Form may be submitted at the cost of the student (when applicable).

Other Information and restrictions:

  • TWU does not grant LOP Transfer credit for the following:
    • Any History course fulfilling the core Historical & Archival Way of Knowing Requirement;
    • Any Religious Studies course fulfilling any Religious & Spiritual Thought Way of Knowing Requirement or Religious Studies Core (2016 or older) Requirement;
    • All Business related courses from TRU-OL, Grand Canyon University, or Liberty Online;
    • Practicum or Experience Based Courses;
    • Nursing courses;
    • Graduate level courses;
    • Pass/Fail courses
  • Timeline: Students are strongly encouraged to submit LOP Requests 2-4 weeks prior to the course registration deadline to allow for document submission, articulation, and any changes that may need to occur.
  • Cost: A $25.00 service fee is required to process Letter of Permission requests for all institutions outside of BC (per institution and up to 5 courses).
  • Syllabi: The submission of a syllabus may be required if a course has not been previously articulated, which means it has not be evaluated by faculty to see what the TWU equivalent is. Syllabi should include a detailed outline of the course including schedule, exams, papers, text books, materials etc.
  • Application for an LOP does not guarantee Transfer Credit. Please see the BC Council on Admissions and Transfer for further information.
  • Core Requirement: In order to obtain transfer credit for Core Requirements (On all checklists from 2017 on), courses must transfer to TWU as one of the specific courses required. No general or unassigned credit may be applied to the core but is acceptable for some program requirements and elective credits (e.g., “ART 100, 100 level transfer credit” does not apply towards core requirements, but “ART 181” does).
  • Repeated Courses: Courses will not be granted credit if taken more than once, either at TWU or another institution. But, they may be repeated in order to meet a program requirement, thought again, no credit will be granted.

How to Apply:

  1. Print out or digitally fill in this Letter of Permission form.
  2. Attach each course syllabus unless the course is listed and evaluated in the BC Transfer Guide.
  3. To submit and pay (when a non BC institution, $25.00 fee per form), there are two options:
    1. Email the completed form to transfer@twu.ca and your student account will be charged; Or
    2. Submit the printed form in person at the Office of the Registrar and pay by cash, debit or credit.
  4. Once the requested courses have been evaluated, you will be notified via the email provided with the decision.
  5. If required by the host institution, you may request that the TWU Office of the Registrar send a formal Letter of Permission to the institution which will serve as the basis for the student's admission as a Visiting Student there. 

Once a LOP course is complete:

  1. Once you have received your final grade, contact the host institution and request your final and official transcript be emailed to transfer@twu.ca or mailed to:

Transfer Credit- Office of the Registrar
Trinity Western University

7600 Glover Road
Langley BC, Canada
V2Y 1Y1

  1. You will be notified when the transcript has been received and the credit has been finalized.

If you have read with above information and have any further questions, please contact transfer@twu.ca.


Please consult directly with your School of Graduate Studies (SGS) program director regarding transfer credit.



Please submit a fully completed ACTS Letter of Permission form to the Office of the Registrar, located in the Mattson Centre. A $5.00 service fee is required upon submission of the Letter of Permission for processing.