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School of the Arts, Media + Culture

Create. Take your gift and bring it to life—to entertain, educate, heal, and inspire.
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Immerse yourself in what you love best, whether it’s visual or performing arts, media, or communication.

Grow with others who are just as passionate and exceptional as you. That’s the beauty of learning in community. You’ll find your people here.

SAMC professors are people of faith and experts in their fields who are committed to seeing you thrive. As your mentors, they will build a safe and welcoming space where you will be challenged to take bold steps, explore ideas of faith and meaning, and push the boundaries of your discipline—to fearlessly engage with and transform culture.


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Project-based work through field placements, galleries, and more


Art + Design alumni currently working in related field


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Meet some of our world class faculty and staff inspiring great minds and changing the world.