Immerse yourself in what you love best, whether it’s visual or performing arts, media, or communication. Grow with others who are just as passionate and exceptional as you. That’s the beauty of learning in community. You’ll find your people here.

SAMC professors are people of faith and experts in their fields who are committed to seeing you thrive. As your mentors, they will build a safe and welcoming space where you will be challenged to take bold steps, explore ideas of faith and meaning, and push the boundaries of your discipline—to fearlessly engage with and transform culture.

SAMC is home to some of the most collaborative people on campus. Collaboration is key to creating a film, producing a play, publishing a magazine, or bringing a piece of music to life. Master this skill and, as our graduates have learned, you will have your choice of careers. School of the Arts, Media + Culture students are also equipped with other essential and irreplaceable skills. Writers, performers, and directors possess a deep understanding of others—what moves them, inspires them, brings them together. Artists and designers see connections and solutions that others might miss. A thoughtful, savvy, empathetic communicator brings value to a company that no piece of technology could ever replace.

Whether you plan to open your own studio, lead worship, or manage a box office, your time at TWU will prepare you to bring meaning to a world desperate for Christ’s truth, compassion, reconciliation, and hope. You create because it is what God made you to do. Come find your people here.

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What's Onstage

Our theatre productions are a favourite “must do” on campus, featuring collaborative work by students across all disciplines in the university. We mount four productions in our theatre season, including a musical and a Shakespeare play in alternating years.

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Alumni+ Tour

Experience the best of London and Paris with a community of TWU alumni, faculty, and friends! Sacred spaces, splendid places – you’ll be guided and educated by our own David Squires and make memories to last a lifetime.

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HKIN Rio Olympics group
Travel Studies

Travel studies allow you to immerse yourself in a different culture. Every moment spent abroad is an opportunity to learn. TWU professors lead the courses, joined by guest speakers who provide a local perspective.

Dean's Corner

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Dr. David Squires


Our world is full of art and ideas...everywhere we turn we encounter words, music, images. Human beings – created in the image of a Creator God – are fundamentally and amazingly creative. SAMC is a rich and stimulating academic community of people who believe in the power and the wonder of words and ideas, music and images, story and relationship. As highly creative and skilled artists, scholars, and leaders, we fully engage the culture in which we live, and are dedicated to mentoring students in the development of their own personal voice.

Engaging with who they were created to be, and engaging the issues of faith and meaning which lie at the heart of each of their disciplines, our students are exploring and taking risks, discovering their human potential and preparing for professional lives beyond university.

Making pottery, making films. Making speeches, plays, or video games. Students of history, students of contemporary culture. In a darkroom, in a practice room, in a seminar room, in a dressing room. In a choir of 150, in a painting class of 10, in a professor's office. On stage or online. SAMC students are making a difference.

Check out SAMC’s programs in Art + DesignMedia + CommunicationMusic, and Theatre, and the interdisciplinary program in the Arts, Media + Culture which draws from many different departments. You’ll find our courses and programs culturally relevant, academically rigorous, and spiritually vital.

Inspire…Change…Inspire change

Meet the Faculty

Name Location Phone Email
Agodzo, Divine Divine Agodzo, M.A., Sessional Instructor of Media + Communication Vernon Strombeck Centre #109 +1 (604) 513-2121 ext. 3356
Nick C. Apivor, B.Mus. - -
Paolo Bortolussi, DMA Music Practice Facility -
Loranne Brown, MFA, Sessional Assistant Professor of Communication Vernon Strombeck Centre +1 (604) 888-7511 ext. 3557
Marea Chernoff, MMus Music Practice Facility -
Curtis L. Congo, Ed.D. - -
Christy Derksen, M.Mus. Music Practice Facility +1 (604) 513-2121 ext. 3345
Craig Erickson, M.F.A. - -
Gregory Farrugia, BMus - -
Carmen Fast Hollett, MMus - -
Tony Gallo, PhD Music Practice Facility -
Laurel Gasque, MEd - -
Jef Gibbons - -
Andrey Goncharov, B.Sc. - -
Erica Grimm, Ph.D., Professor of Art Robert N. Thompson +1 (604) 513-2121 ext. 3142
Joshua Hale, MFA, Associate Professor of Art + Design Robert N. Thompson Bldg. 253 +1 (604) 513-2121 ext. 3357
Wes Janzen, DMA - -
Angela Konrad, MFA, Professor of Theatre Robert N. Thompson +1 (604) 888-7511 ext. 3576
Ron Koyanagi, B.Ed.Mus. Music Practice Facility -
Russell Leng, MFA, Sessional Instructor of Art + Design - -
Scott K. Macklin, M.Phil., Ph.D. (ABD) Reimer Student Centre 2nd Floor +1 (604) 513-2121 ext. 3377
Richard Mingus, MMus - -
Kate Muchmore Woo, MFA, MA, Associate Professor of Theatre Robert N. Thompson Bldg. +1 (604) 513-2121 ext. 3572
Kerri Norris, MFA - -
Alison Nystrom, MMus Music Practice Facility -
Tim Olsen - -
David Rushton, Ed.D. - -
Helma Sawatzky, Ph.D. (cand.) - -
Kevin P. Schut, Ph.D. Vernon Strombeck Centre 119 +1 (604) 513-2121 ext. 3603
David Squires, Ph.D. Music Practice Facility +1 (604) 888-7511 ext. 3469
Eric Stein, M.A. - -
Bill Strom, Ph.D. Vernon Strombeck Centre +1 (604) 513-2121 ext. 3224
Betty Suderman, DMA Music Practice Facility -
Jon Thompson, DMA Music Practice Facility +1 (604) 888-7511 ext. 3122
Allan Thorpe, DMA Music Practice Facility +1 (604) 888-7511 ext. 3134
Joel Tranquilla, DMA Music Practice Facility +1 (604) 513-2121 ext. 2053
Ned Vankevich, Ph.D. Vernon Strombeck Centre +1 (604) 888-7511 ext. 3227
Elizabeth Volpé Bligh - -
Heilwig von Koenigsloew, MMus Music Practice Facility -
John Wang, M.A. Music 109 -
Jeff R. Warren, PhD - -
Adrian Wee, MMC TWU Richmond +1 (604) 513-2193
Cathrie Ka Wai Yuen, M.Mus. - -