Summer Housing

TWU Summer Apartment Application Details

(Summer 2023, Undergraduate and Graduate students)

Housing Application open March 1st ,2023

If Students apply for Summer Housing to stay May 3rd – August 22nd by April 9th they will receive a $250 Summer Housing Credit.


To be eligible for Summer Apartment Housing at TWU, you must:

  • Be a current, recent, or future (registered) student at TWU
  • Be in good financial standing with the university
  • Be in good standing as it relates to the Student Code of Conduct
  • Complete the online application
  • Be willing to sign the Residency Agreement within the application

How to Apply

Apply online via the Housing tab of the Student Portal, selecting the Summer Housing Application.  The application will remain open until July 31, 2023.  See below for information specific to Undergraduate and Graduate students.

Graduate & Undergraduate Students: Options & Pricing Summer 2023

Rental Terms Available

By the Month (for stays of 1-3 months)

  • May 2-31
  • June 1-30
  • July 1-31
  • August 1-22

* Rates will not be prorated if you do not stay a full month

All Summer (May 2 - August 22) 

  • The All Summer term must be selected by May 3 to receive All Summer pricing and $250 Summer Housing Credit  Students initially selecting a monthly term and later extending to All Summer will be billed at the Monthly rate.
  • Students initially selecting All Summer and then shortening their stay will be billed at the Monthly rate and will not receive the $250 Summer Housing Credit.
  • Priority will be given to Students who Apply for All Summer

Building Options

  • McMillan 1 or 2 bedroom – double occupancy room; about McMillan
  • Jacobson 2 or 3 bedroom – single occupancy room; about Jacobson
  • Fraser 1 or 2 bedroom – double occupancy room; about Fraser
  • Skidmore 4 Bedroom – single occupancy room; about Skidmore


Length of Term



All Summer (May 2-Aug 22)

Fraser & McMillan – 2-Bedroom (double occupancy)


  Fraser & McMillan – 1 Bedroom (double occupancy) 2950





Jacobson (double occupancy)



Jacobson (single occupancy)



Fraser & McMillan (double occupancy)






Jacobson (single occupancy)



Jacobson (double occupancy)


* All Summer housing will be placed in Fraser & McMillan first. Jacobson will be pioritized for monthly rentals.

* Monthly Rates will not be prorated if you leave early or come late

Placement Procedure

Summer Housing applications will be assigned in apartment housing on a first–come, first–served basis.  There is generally room for all students who apply, and students applying for May will be informed of their summer placements in mid-April. Students may select preferred roommates on the application, but TWU Housing reserves the right to assign students to any apartment during the summer that is not at full capacity.

Families/Married Couples

Graduate students requesting accommodation for spouses and/or families will be placed on a first come, first served basis in a private McMillan 1 or 2-bedroom apartment.

Food on Campus

There will be no cafeteria or food available on campus during the summer months.  Some snacks and drinks are available in the Collegium, as well as TWU Outfitters (the campus bookstore).

Students should plan on utilizing services such as Skip the Dishes for their stay on campus.