Sexualized Violence Information & Response

If you have been sexually assaulted, it is important for you to know that it is not your fault. 

Sexualized violence is a significant and systemic issue for society and higher education and can affect anyone at the University irrespective of gender, age, sexual orientation, abilities, and racial, cultural, or economic backgrounds. As a community rooted in the Evangelical Christian tradition, acts of sexualized violence of any kind are unacceptable and prohibited conduct. 

The information and related links on this page serve as a resource for TWU community members to better understand the support available to both individuals who have experienced sexualized violence and those who are supporting them. Information is also provided to educate TWU community members regarding processes for reporting acts of sexualized violence. 

Safety & Support

Resources and options available for your safety and support as a person affected by sexualized violence. 

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Reporting Options

It is up to you to decide whether to report a sexual assault. Learn the difference between making a disclosure and a report. 

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How to Help a Survivor

Resources for those supporting survivors of sexualized violence. 

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Policies & Procedures

We want you to know that you have options, and we're here to help. View our Sexualized Violence, Bullying and Harassment Policy. 

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TWU Contact Persons

Contact persons are designated TWU employees, trained and available to community members for the purpose of receiving disclosures or reports of sexualized violence and assisting those impacted by sexualized violence with arranging for appropriate academic and non-academic supports. 

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