Housing Accommodation Process

Students with a disability that causes a barrier to housing at TWU are invited to fill out a Student Housing  Accommodation Request. Housing accommodation requests must be submitted by the housing priority deadline for consideration (Apartments March 15th, 2024, Dorms May 15th, 2024). The Disability Working Group will review housing accommodation requests and communicate the decision to students. Decisions will be communicated to students through the housing team responding to the submitted help desk ticket. Since housing needs change over time, students who have previously received housing accommodations need to request housing accommodations each year.

Students can fill out this form

Student Housing Accommodation Request must include the following information:

  • Student Name
  • TWU Student Number
  • The Housing Accommodation Request
  • Rationale for the Housing Accommodation Request
  • Permission for the Disability Working group to confirm the need for housing accommodation request with the Centre for Accessible Learning
  • Medical Documentation
    • Diagnosis by a medical practitioner who is qualified to make the diagnosis
    • Severity of Diagnosis
    • Functional Limitations
    • Any other relevant information

Confidentiality: Documentation about a student's disabilities is confidential. Personal Information collected by the Housing and Residence Life department is subject to the Personal Information Protection Act, and TWU's Privacy Policy, governed by the Registrar's Office.

The TWU Disability Working group, regarding housing accommodation requests, will typically include the following members: Residence Placement Coordinator, Housing Staff Team Member, Residence Life Team Member, and Center for Accessible Learning Team member.