Dr. Anita Coté

Canada Research Chair in Cardiovascular Adaptation to Exercise

Trinity Western University
Tier 2 - August 1, 2018

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the leading cause of death in Canadian women; however, many are unaware of the risk. Largely protected in their early years by hormones such as estrogen, women are not tuned in to the CVD risk factors they may possess as they approach middle age.

Dr. Cote’s research focuses on how the female heart adapts to exercise beginning in childhood. The research clearly shows prominent health benefits from regular exercise, including a decreased risk of death from CVD. Since adolescence marks a sharp decline in girls' physical activity levels, Dr. Cote believes the CVD risk many women face in later years can be traced back to exercise habits early in life.

In order to understand how exercise elicits changes in the heart and blood vessels during normal growth and development, Dr. Cote’s research uses advanced imaging tools and genetic analyses. Through long-term tracking of exercise patterns relative to structural and functional changes in the heart and blood vessels, Dr. Cote hopes to address some important gaps in understanding around the progression of CVD risk in women while also informing CVD prevention and treatment strategies, aimed at improving the health of all Canadians.

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