The Trinity Western University (TWU) is committed to providing a safe and healthful workplace for its faculty, staff and students and to ensure the protection of the community and the environment. To meet this commitment the Office of Research and Graduate Studies, TWU Occupational Health and Safety Committee and the Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences has developed and implemented numerous health and safety programs including Biosafety.

The goal is to ensure that health, safety and accident prevention form an integral part of the design, construction, purchase and maintenance of all buildings, equipment and work processes. The protection of researchers and research are an important part of this goal.

Human error and poor laboratory practice can compromise the best of laboratory safeguards designed specifically to protect the laboratory worker. The primary factor in the prevention of laboratory accidents and laboratory associated infections is a fully trained faculty and staff. To accomplish this it is essential that faculty and staff receive the appropriate training in laboratory safety measures. TWU’s Biosafety Program has been developed to meet this need and to ensure compliance with all federal, provincial and local standards and regulations. Its purpose is to ensure the safe handling of biohazardous materials in all research and teaching facilities under the auspices of TWU.

Contact: Email: Lisa Chattell, BSc, Biosafety Officer

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