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Canada Research Chairs: Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

EDI Commitment Statement

Trinity Western University is committed to an ethic of inclusion and to the equal treatment of all persons without discrimination in accordance with human rights law. We support and are signatory to the Universities Canada Inclusive Excellence Principles, the Tri-Agencies statement regarding equity, diversity and inclusion, the Canada Research Chairs Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan, and the Dimensions charter.

Strategy for Raising Awareness to the Benefits of EDI within the CRCP and the Broader Research Enterprise

  1. Align existing systems and environmental reviews to ensure success in achieving equity, diversity and inclusion in Trinity Western University’s Canada Research Chair program.
  2. Ensure existing policies, agreements, and plans that may influence TWU’s CRC program are written and implemented in a manner that is supportive of equity, diversity and inclusion.
  3. Grow supports at the University that enable a more inclusive working environment.

EDI Progress Report

EDI Contacts (Vice President, Inclusive Excellence) (Associate Provost Research)

Process for Equity Complaints and Concerns 

As part of TWU’s EDI Action Plan we aim to prevent individual, institutional and systemic inequities. However, if such inequities occur, CRC chairholders can communicate concerns to their School or Faculty Dean; the Vice President Inclusive Excellence; the Associate Provost Research and the Executive Director of Human Resources. TWU Human Resources addresses processes for dispute resolution as part of the TWU Human Resources Policies and Handbook. These concerns will also be raised and brought to the attention of the TWU CRC Steering Committee. The Associate Provost will meet with the chairholders at least once per year formally and more regularly on an informal basis to discuss their roles, concerns, experiences, and need for additional support. These meetings will serve as a safe space to identify and discuss any systemic issues.

Canada Research Chairs Equity Targets and Results of Participating Institutions

The current representation of individuals from the four designated groups within TWU active chairs cannot be communicated, as there are fewer than five Chair positions. Information has been withheld to protect the privacy of our Chairs.

CRC Equity Targets for TWU

Policies that Govern Staffing of Canada Research Chairs Positions

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