Short-Term Programs


Short-term programs allow you to engage in academic exploration, language learning, cultural experiences, and outdoor adventures. Expect a dynamic blend of leadership and innovation-based seminars, hands-on projects, and learning activities designed to enrich your knowledge, foster collaboration, and promote personal and professional development. These programs provide a condensed and immersive learning experience, focusing on specific subjects, skills, and areas of interest. The condensed timeframe allows for an intensive and impactful experience, making it ideal if you are seeking a transformative Canadian learning adventure. Whether you return to your home country or pursue further education in Canada in the future, you’ll be equipped for success.  

Program Highlights

  • Task-based experiential education
  • Development of critical thinking skills
  • Building cross-cultural competency and communication skills
  • Professional and academic language application in multicultural spaces
  • Cultivating self-reflective practices and values-based leadership
  • Leadership development led by TWU professors and staff
  • Community engagement and volunteering opportunities
  • On-campus accommodation and meals at TWU
  • Off-campus Homestay options available
  • Outdoor team-building activities both on and off campus
  • Connecting with future professors and deans in your choice of program
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Program Details

Task-Based Learning: Along with receiving instruction in the classroom, you will be challenged to complete university-focused tasks in pairs and groups on campus. This will enable you to quickly apply the skills you learned in the classroom and then individually reflect on your learning experience to improve your long-term skills and confidence. 

Outdoor Team Building: Experience the power of teamwork and camaraderie amidst the natural beauty of the TWU campus. Engage in outdoor team-building activities designed to strengthen bonds and encourage collaboration among students. Through challenging and rewarding experiences, you'll not only develop practical skills but also build each other up for success in the real world.

TWU Classes: Our TWU classes offer an incredible opportunity for you to be immersed in a Canadian university environment. Emphasis is placed on observing different professors’ teaching styles, on classroom culture, and interaction with peers. 

Volunteering Experience: We offer group volunteer opportunities that provide a wonderful way for you to gain understanding of the world we live in and meet with a variety of people in the community. 

Cultural Immersion: Experience Canada like never before as you are hosted by a Canadian family and participate in authentic cultural activities. From exploring iconic landmarks in Vancouver and Vancouver Island to immersing yourself in local customs and traditions, our program offers a memorable and culturally rich experience. Celebrate Canada Day with your host family and witness the vibrant festivities first-hand. Whether it's sightseeing in bustling cities or discovering hidden gems off the beaten path, you'll create lasting memories and gain a deeper understanding of Canadian culture.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Cultural Competence & Multicultural Understanding

    Embrace diversity, foster global connections, and manage cross-cultural collaboration.
  2. Innovative Thinking & Creative Problem-Solving

    Navigate challenges, cultivate creativity, and integrate conflict resolution strategies.
  3. Global Adaptability & Flexibility

    Thrive in dynamic environments and lead with confident flexibility.
  4. Applied Learning & Academic Excellence

    Develop strategic thinking, enhance decision-making, and excel in management.
  5. Emotional Intelligence & Values-Based Leadership

    Develop emotional intelligence and make impactful decisions.
  6. Leveraging Technology

    Master the use of digital tools to effectively tell your leadership story.