Certificate in Leadership and Applied Public Affairs

Students who successfully complete their courses and field placement will receive a Certificate in Leadership and Applied Public Affairs.

Academic Coursework

LLC students take three interdisciplinary, interactive courses. The course offerings enable you to learn about leadership, public policy, ethics, and contemporary culture. You benefit from the insight of guest speakers who are leaders in their fields. The courses offer a strong conceptual framework for the practical realities students encounter in their field placements.

You will complete 15 semester hours in total: three academic courses totaling nine semester hours and an field placement totaling six semester hours.

  • POLS/HIST/SOCI 391: Canadian Governmental Leadership
  • POLS/SOCI 392: Ethics and Public Affairs
  • POLS/IDIS 493: Law, Public Policy, and Cultural Change
  • POLS/BUSI/COMM/HIST/SOCI: Field Placements/Practicum*

*Students have also completed HKIN, GEOG, ARTS, and Human Services practicum placements in cooperation with TWU faculty supervisors.

To obtain the Certificate in Leadership and Applied Public Affairs, you must complete all three courses, and it is generally expected that students will do so. However, in some circumstances, students have been allowed to take only two courses, or two plus an alternative course (such as a directed study through TWU, an online course from another university, or a course at one of the Ottawa universities). The program fee remains the same in these cases. Please speak to the Executive Director to determine if an alternative third-course arrangement would be allowable in your case.

The courses are taught by experienced professors and feature many dynamic guest speakers, from MPs to legal experts to NGO professionals to business leaders.