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When should I pay for my tuition?

Please see your Financial Statement for possible payment deadlines and payment plans.

For the regular payment schedule, please refer to the Important Dates page.

For students in the following programs:

  • MA Leadership
  • International Degree Completion (BA Leadership)
  • Certificate Programs
  • Adult Degree Completion (PSYC or BA Leadership)

Due dates will vary based on your program, and the following information may not apply. If you have questions regarding payment deadlines or require more information regarding payments, please submit a request via Service Hub.

Payment Plans

Most programs offer a payment plan option. If a payment plan is offered in your program, a Payment Schedule will be displayed under the Account Summary on your Financial Statement. If the Payment Schedule appears on your Financial Statement, you may choose to follow this Payment Schedule without notifying our office.

In the case that your Financial Statement displays a Payment Schedule, your First Payment will be due on the following dates:

Fall: August 15

Spring: December 15

Summer: April 15

Any other payment due dates will be outlined on your Financial Statement.

The first payment is required by the dates listed above to secure course registration. This includes students receiving Student Loans.

What happens if I don't pay on time?

After the first payment deadline, our system is set to scan accounts and give priority registration placement to those who have made the first payment. Students who have not paid are at risk of being waitlisted. During the add/drop period accounts are reviewed and those with insufficient payment may be dropped from all courses.

If a student has any doubts or concerns about meeting a payment deadline, it is the student's responsibility to contact us to negotiate an alternate payment arrangement prior to the payment deadline.

What do I do if I have been dropped from courses?

Students must resolve payment and submit a request via Service Hub to determine next steps.

Courses added after the Add/Drop Deadline will be subject to a Late Administration Fee.

How can I pay?

Make a payment now.

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